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Name:Eric Olinger
Company:Rapid Strategy
Title:Strategy Coach
Address:701 S Howard Ave
Country:United States of America
Phone No:8133918863
Cell No:8133918863
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Eric Olinger
Strategic Planning for business growth and team development

I facilitate strategic vision sessions which are fast paced, FUN and phenomenally successful. In just one day with the management team we produce a single page Rapid Strategy™ plan which captures and communicates the strategic vision of the company.  The format is simple and effective.  The process is fun and requires only one day a quarter to implement, making it easy to accomplish.  More important, because the one page focus radically streamlines the outcome — it is effective, meaning your management team and staff can and will communicate and implement it.  Because I naturally want my client companies to succeed with their plans I also provide customized follow-up and coaching in communication, goal management and organization skills; where and when they are needed to help the management team succeed in implementing the strategy.
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